Fall color in Lee Vining Canyon (and a few from Yosemite)

After what by all accounts has been a quirky fall color season in the eastern Sierras, the aspens I saw this weekend were glowing.  I was pressed for time, and limited myself to what I could find in Lee Vining Canyon.  If I’d had an extra day, I’d have explored June Lake Loop as well, because a quick drive through half the loop showed fiery aspens from lake level and ascending well up the hillsides.  There’s nothing quite like standing in the middle of an aspen grove in full yellow-orange color; the glow is almost otherworldly.  The fall colors were just beginning to show in Yosemite Valley, and should be glorious in another week or two.

Merced River

swinging bridge oak

yosemite falls

maple leaves

misty meadow

sunset on half dome

aspen road

aspens and obsidian

aspens and blue sky

lee vining aspens

lee vining aspens2

lee vining aspens3

lee vining aspens4

lee vining aspens5

lee vining aspens6

Mt. Gibbs sunrise


~ by Robin Black on October 18, 2009.

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